Friday, November 30, 2012

Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Lip and Nail Color

I was browsing inside Target a few weeks ago and came across this Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition lip and nail color set. 

As part of their fall 2012 collection, this set comes with 2 mini nail polish and 2 mini lip gloss.
What got my attention was the violet lip gloss and I decided I was going to own this set. At first I was a bit weary about the color, thinking that it would be a highly pigmented violet. To my surprise, it was not what I thought it would be.

Left to right: Sealed With A Kiss, Undercover Lover, Shrinking Violet, and Lacquered Lilac
The colors in this set are Shrinking Violet and Sealed With A Kiss. The consistency is quite nice as it could be used alone to provide a hint of color or used on top of another color to add a nice shine. Most colors are too sheer that when used on my lips which then is barely shown, but not this. I made a mistake by not putting a dab of the color on my hand for a swatch. As you'll see in the swatch photo below, it looks very sheer because it I only did 1 swipe of the applicator. 
The texture feels smooth, light, and has a slight, SLIGHT tackiness feel in the beginning which will then fade away once it has the chance to absorb onto your lips. Do not fret about this because it will disappear. This is NOT one of those lip glosses that will feel tacky throughout the whole length of use. Both colors are quite beautiful and are the type of lip gloss that I can have in my pocket for an easy, quick, and no-fuss touch ups throughout the day.
Shrinking Violet lip gloss
Sealed With A Kiss lip gloss

The nail polishes included are Lacquered Lilac and Undercover Lover. I will be featuring the nail polish in a nail of the day post soon so hold tight for that.

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