Friday, June 29, 2012

LUSH Each Peach (And Two's A Pair) Massage Bar Review

Each Peach (And Two's A Pair)

            Yay! It's my first blog! I want to thank you in advance for stopping by and checking out my blog. I am new at this so forgive me for any shortcomings that my site may have. I invite you in to come check out what I have to post and to leave your thoughts as well. Now let's get this first blog off with one of my favorite product lately...

            I never used to like citrus flavored foods or citrus flavored scents until about five years ago. Just the scent of citrus brings back memories of my childhood at my grandfather's little vegetable garden. A side of the garden was lined with lemon grass plants, and oh was the scent heavenly! If you've ever had the chance to smell a lemon grass plant, you'll find that Each Peach (And Two's A Pair) massage bar by LUSH has the same initial smell. It has that strong but not overpowering, crisp, and clean citrus fragrance.

            If you're not familiar with LUSH, it is a cosmetic company that produces fresh handmade products using fresh and organic fruits, vegetables, along with essential oils and little or no preservatives. After reading constant reviews on LUSH products, I finally decided to check their store out early last year and fell in love with their products! Each Peach (And Two's A Pair) is my first massage bar from LUSH and I love it! The concept of this is a moisturizer in a solid bar form and size. When I'm in a hurry or just too lazy to put on lotion after a shower, this is my go to moisturizer- I just rub as much as I want against my legs, arms, hands and I'm good to go. I should warn you that the heat from your hands will start to melt the bar, so do work with it fast if you don't want a lot of it.

            I did mention that the initial scent is of a lemon grass plant. After a few minutes I started to pick up on a sweet scent that seemed familiar, yet I couldn't quit put my finger on. I turned to the LUSH website and found that it is made of three types of citrus oils (lime, mandarin, and orange), safflower, avocado and mango kernel butter, along with cocoa and shea butter. Unlike its name, there actually is no mention of a peach ingredient. I believe that sweet scent I picked up on is the mango kernel butter (for those who are familiar with The Body Shop's Mango Body butter, it smells very similar). I like the fact that as time goes by, you start to notice the softer notes. Its moisturizing quality is great as well. It goes on in a buttery texture and immediately absorbs into your skin, leaving it very soft and non-greasy. When it comes to my hands, I find that I need to reapply after numerous hand washings or after a few hours of tediously working with my hands. Other than that, my legs and my arms stay moisturized to the point that I may not reapply it again until my next shower.

            If you do find yourself inside a LUSH store, I recommend you sample this product and feel for yourself.  Thanks for checking out my blog and happy browsing!