Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Brush Set

Last month I was in search for an inexpensive dome shaped fluffy eyeshadow brush and I found myself at target. I did find one that I was settled on until I saw this set.

Pretty colorful huh? Well what attracted me to this set was the blending brush and I reasoned with myself that it would be a better buy to get this set than a single brush. Also, my previous Sonia Kashuk brush set impressed me enough to give another one of the sets a try.

As part of Sonia Kashuk’s couture limited edition line, this set comes with an angled crease brush, multipurpose blending brush, powder/blusher brush, definition smudge brush/ and a synthetic concealer/foundation brush.

Coming out of the box they felt very soft against my arm as I tried to test the feel of them. As always, I wash my brushes before using them and I was excited to try them out the next day.

It pains me to say that not all of the brushes lived up to my expectation. The blending brush, the real reason why I bought this set, felt too rough against my eyelids. Don’t get me wrong, the size is perfect and it blends very well but it’s uncomfortable against my skin. The same goes for the powder brush and angled crease brush.
When it came to shedding, only the powder brush did shed with each use.

Blending brush
powder brush

I love the smudge brush as a liner brush for my crease instead.

smudge brush

Lastly, I feel that the synthetic concealer/foundation brush is too big to be a concealer brush and too small to be a foundation brush. I found that because of it’s size, it would be better to use as a foundation brush. Since this was the last brush from the whole set that I tried, I was pretty impressed that it did well with distributing and blending foundation. 

concealer brush

I admit that I was biased to think it would be a disappointment like the previous 3 brushes. The only downside to this brush is the size. Besides that, it does a great job in applying foundation.
Should you run out and buy the set? Egh… I think you’re better off buying the individual brushes.  Or check out the other sets.

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