Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nicole by OPI Drying Drops

I polish my own nails at home and sometimes my patience runs short when it comes to the drying time. Well that was before I discovered drying drops!

How familiar are you with nail polish drying drops? I mentioned to my friends that I needed to pick up some drying drops and they gave me this look. They honestly have not used or even heard of nail polish drying drops. If you are one of those people, I invite you to try it out.

Nicole by OPI is my favorite brand when it comes to drying drops. And believe it or not, this is my fourth bottle ever. The direction says to apply a drop or two after a minute of applying nail polish or top coat (I usually wait 2 minutes). After a minute, your polish starts to dry to the touch and will set completely in about 5 minutes. By using this drying drop, it cuts down about half of the time it would take for my nails to completely dry if I was not using one.

This drop comes in 15ml bottle and includes a dropper. It retails somewhere between $7-$8, depending on the store and any specials are running. I usually get mine from Target. Love it!

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