Friday, July 13, 2012

beautyADDICTS ShowOff Mascara

*Note: I wanted to post my review of this mascara days ago but I ran into an issue with the stopper not working any longer. I contacted Glossybox to see if I can get a replacement and I finally got a reply yesterday. Glossybox said that they would gladly send me a replacement as soon as possible.*

Hi again! Thanks for stopping by my humble little corner on the web J Today I bring you my review of ShowOff Mascara by beautyADDICTS!

This mascara is my first ever product from beautyADDICTS and I was very impressed. I’ve used it several times since I got it in my Glossybox last week.  Normally, I’m not crazy about buying mascara since it expires much earlier than other makeup products. I generally buy mascara and use it throughout the months. My favorite has been Lancome’s Hypnose Drama but I don’t know how long that will last.
This mascara claims to have argan oil in its formula as a way to condition and protect your lashes. The wand is one of those weirdly curved ones with a flat side. I prefer straight bristle brush wands since it’s easy to work with. What do I do when I end up with a different wand? I work with it, of course! So this isn’t a big deal for me.

I did run into a problem with the stopper not working after a couple of uses. Instead of getting a controlled amount of mascara, I got a bunch of goop. I wrote Glossybox about a replacement and one will be on its way pretty soon.
This is how much product I got out after the stopper failed to work

My verdict on this mascara: I LOVE IT! I really do. It coats my lashes beautifully and has a great lasting power. Furthermore there is no running or flaking! I love it and will definitely consider repurchasing it.

Before mascara

After mascara

beautyADDICTS ShowOff Mascara is available for $20 on 

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